AMANTES- Geri Decheva - МОНТ ООД - Издателство / Печат (Романи)

Автори: Гери Дечева
Поредица: Поезия и проза
Формат: 13x20
Брой на страници: 208
Цена: 19,00 лв.

  „ Mirabelle was the green grass for brainless male cattle, a psychiatric ward for psychopaths. These manly individuals were drawn to her like flies to a piece of shit, which she wanted to believe she was not. The abundance of alcoholics, depressed, bipolar, former or current junkies, geniuses with a few unscrewed nuts, total psychos, men with egos as large as the Universe, and so on, had contributed to her specializing in many psychiatric disorders, which needed prescription pills. Yet, she marched on to the next piece of junk in the hope of finding a diamond, till she came upon an old photo from 1966 of people she didn't know, but that photo threw her back to 1930, generations ago, through mysteries and unique fates - beautiful, charming in a "vintage" kind of way, tangled and exciting. Mirabelle managed to go through Peru and Chile, Russia, Morocco, Switzerland, Vienna, to solve crimes, punishments with no pride and no prejudice, in her own way - not quite tactfully and almost successfully.“