THE BLUE FOREST- GERI DECHEVA - МОНТ ООД - Издателство / Печат (За децата )   
Поредица: За децата
Формат: 16.6x23
Брой на страници: 112
Цена: 15.00 лв.
     One day as it was floating here and there, the Little Curious Class Lantern stopped mid-air a6ove a forest all in blue. The (Blue forest it was called, that is the truth. The heating sunny rays were weaving some enchanting nets. The wind was laying soft leaf beds for rest. Who the Lantern saw and who it met? What stories did it write in blue and white? Why did it stay so long, what funny creatures did it meet?
     It s about to tell you in a story short, but so, so sweet...
     Featuring the following individuals:
     Mummy (Bunny and her four 6unnies, the crows Lilly, Vlad and? Melody Crowey-Soprano, the foxes Foxy and? Fox Muzzleperk, the owls Cara and Sage Abacus, the cat and the forest doctor (Doc Soothman, the vegetarian wolf Lonely Lonesome McLettuce, the stores Sourire and Marie, the с chickens family the O’Brainy and the hen Mimosa O’Brainy, the poetic weasel L izziie Weasel, the сrаb Captain Pincher, the Chinese hares Moun Tsoun and Tsoun Moun, the sheep and hairdresser Mrs. Curly Ruffelock the ant family the (Busters, Doctor Cucroopo - a cucroo, the bears Sweetsons ...and the rest?.
     ...All in good? time, all in good? time...